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Manpower Estonia is a member of American Chamber of Commerce Estonia (AmCham Estonia). On April 20, AmCham Estonia members gathered for the Annual General Meeting 2017. On second half of the meeting Zane Culkstena (CEO of Erda) and Heigo Kaldra (CEO of Manpower Estonia) addressed such burning topics as "How to attract and retain talents in the rapidly changing age of digitization and skills revolution". Manpower´s CEO Heigo Kaldra presentation was on topic “The Skills Revolution: Up- & Reskilling, Employability & Learnability”. Here are some important thoughts from session. Learnability Will Be The World’s Great Equalizer In This Age of Acceleration Changes in the world of work are accelerating at a pace and scale never seen before. Technology continues to disrupt, creating new jobs and radically changing others. At ManpowerGroup, we believe businesses have a responsibility to be a positive contributor to societal change. Businesses have a role to play to enhance people’s lives and be an important part of the solution. The goal today is no longer finding the job for life, but to develop the skills, experience and expertise necessary to be employable for the long term. As skills needs change rapidly, employability depends not just on what people already know, but on how well they learn, apply and adapt. At ManpowerGroup we are committed to nurturing learnability — the desire and ability to learn new skillsto help people become and stay employable throughout their career journey. Learnability Quotient (LQ) is important because it reflects your desire and ability to grow and adapt to new circumstances and challenges throughout your work life. For example, do you prefer a tried-and-true approach to age-old problems; or do you plunge right in, tackling new challenges with innovative solutions? Your LQ can say a lot about your ability to adapt in a constantly changing work environment. Quick and easy assessment LQ test can help you determine how you like to learn and  it also provides suggestions on how to develop your professional LQ. With this information you can save time and avoid overworking, because you know your traits.

Take here  the Learnability assessment test, get your LQ and some tips and tricks on how to develop your personal learning type! Video about Learnability: https://youtu.be/n1Huo01R574 Find out what does Your Learnability Quotient say about You: https://www.learnabilityquotient.com Photos (by Sergei Krasii) from Annual General Meeting 2017:
AmCham1 Heigo Kaldra (Baltic Manager at Manpower)
AmCham2 Heigo Kaldra (Baltic Manager at Manpower)
AmCham3 Daria Sivovol (Executive Directo at AmCham Estonia), Zane Culkstena (CEO of Erda) and Heigo Kaldra (CEO of Manpower)
More information about digitalization and The Skills Revolution: In Estonian: https://humanage.manpower.ee/uuring-tooandjad-ei-plaani-lahiajal-inimesi-robotitega-asendada/ In English: http://www.manpowergroup.com/workforce-insights/world-of-work/human-age2-the-skills-revolution

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