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More than 70 years ago, our business was founded on the principle of Doing Well by Doing Good - delivering a profit to our shareholders while contributing to society. Fast forward to today and this dual purpose still holds true:

We believe that meaningful, sustainable employment has the power to change the world.

Our ESG Strategy: Our Working to Change the World Plan

Working to Change the World is our approach to ESG. The three pillars of our plan outline how we are caring for the Planet, amplifying our impact on People & Prosperity, and adhering to strong Principles of Governance with new awareness and urgency.​

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We have been actively engaged with the United Nations (UN) since signing the Global Compact in 2006. In 2015, the UN established the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), its blueprint for a more sustainable future. We are committed to promoting all the goals and are particularly focused on those goals where we can have the biggest impact.



Our activities are guided by a thorough Code of Business Conduct and Ethics and different policies.

As an active member of the Responsible Business Forum we accepted a joint decision in 2018 - The promise for a better tomorrow.
We consider ourselves a company to whom it is important to contribute more to society. We regularly follow the implementation of the aforementioned agreement in the daily activities of our company. 

These 6 simple basic principles can be found here


We are proud to share our impact and progress toward sustainable business and communities. We are continually reviewing the data we report to ensure we are measuring the indicators most important to our stakeholders and aligned to sustainability reporting best practice guidelines.​