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mpg_visual-mythbuster_840x320px MYTH 1: Staffing agencies take commission fee from my salary because I am a temporary agency worker (TAW). As a TAW I do not have social guarantees compared to permanent employees. BUSTED: Temporary agency work is based on a unique, triangular work relationship, in which the responsibilities and duties of all parties involved are clearly defined. You will have your employment relationship always fixed in accordance with local legislation. It is not permitted to take a fee for being a TAW.  MYTH 2: Usually the clients of staffing agencies are untrustworthy and want to employ cheap labour. BUSTED: We always check our clients before collaborating with them in order to guarantee security, ethical behaviour and trustworthiness to our employees and partners. MYTH 3: As a TAW I cannot be certain to receive my salary in time and usually temporary agency worker`s incomes are irregular and uncertain. BUSTED: Payday is always specified in the employment contract, securing your right to claim your salary duly. Agency still has the same obligation to pay salaries as with usual employment contracts. We always operate in compliance with Estonian legislation. MYTH 4: TAW does not have the opportunity to decide the length of the employment contract nor the job location. Also, TAW´s employment contract wording is usually unclear. BUSTED: There are no major differences between employment contracts concluded with TAWs and those in permanent positions. The content of the work itself, location and length of contract is always written in the contract and is based on agreement of both parties. MYTH 5: I have no career opportunities when working as a TAW. BUSTED: Certainly there is no link between these two. We have many long term TAW´s that have moved forward in their career path as a TAW. MYTH 6: When working as a TAW I can quit my job without notice. BUSTED: As a TAW you will have the same obligation to notify your employer about ending your contract as permanent employees as specified by the Employment Contracts Act in Estonia. MYTH 7: As TAW I can only work temporarily or on a project basis. I cannot work as a permanent worker based on infinite employment contract. BUSTED: Although project based and temporary contracts are more common it does not exclude the option to enter into infinite employment contracts.     Hoia end kursis meie tööpakkumiste ja teiste kasulike teadetega ka Facebookis ja LinkedIn-s ja Twitteris. Keep yourself updated also on Facebook and LinkedIn and Twitter.

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